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Time to go over the WooCommerce local pickup shipping method. This adds further complexity to your shipping offerings based on geographic rules you set up in the admin. You are able to dictate flat rate costs to the customer based on their location and offer the opportunity for them to pick up the merchandise at your location.

Even though local pickup doesn’t require a product to be shipped, it is still listed as a shipping method. Local pickup is typically used when a customer is able to retrieve their purchased products at your physical location.

WooCommerce Local Pickup & Shipping Setup

To get started, use the WordPress navigation menu and browse to WooCommerce » Settings.

From the Settings page, click on the Shipping tab.

To add local pickup as an available method for your customers, you’ll first need to set up at least one shipping zone. Learn more about this in our lesson on Shipping Zones.

Once you have a shipping zone configured, you can add local pickup as an option by clicking on the “edit” button for the zone.

Then, click on the “Add shipping method” button in the Shipping Methods area.

In the dialogue box that opens, select Local Pickup from the drop-down menu and click the “Add shipping method” button.

Next, you’ll need to configure the settings for local pickup. To do this, hover your mouse over the method and click the “edit” button that appears.

You can configure the title, which is what your customers will see during checkout. You can also set local pickup to be a taxable shipping method, charging your customers a flat rate for using local pickup.

Further, you are able to enable a flat shipping rate if you want to allow for special shipping cost to local residents.

And, voila, you have set up your local pickup option.

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