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Whether you are a hiring manager or a developer looking for a job, you want to know where to focus your energy. There are tons of job boards out there, from the vast to the specific. Finding a few to post or peruse goes a long way toward finding a great hire or job easily.

In this post, we are taking the focus away from sites aimed at hiring only freelance developers. Getting a great freelance developer is still an option with these sites, but not the focal point.

When you know that you want a WordPress developer, you can put your attention on just a few job boards to great success. When you know you want to find a job as a WordPress developer, efficient use of your time is of the utmost importance.

To that end, let’s break down the top five job boards for WordPress developers.


WPhired is all about WordPress job openings, as the name would suggest. This is a great job board for WordPress developers, designers, and bloggers. Listing a job is free, but you can subscribe to get your listing featured and up for longer.

Open positions can be easily filtered by region and category (think developer, designer, etc.), and then even further by engagement (freelance, full-time, internship, part-time, temp). Further, candidates can sign up to add their resumes and get email notifications for new jobs. You can also apply without signing up.

For employers, this is great for finding exactly the type of WordPress professional you want. You’ll still want to find a good way to assess their talent though.

Authentic Jobs

Started in 2005, Authentic Jobs identifies itself as the “leading job board for designers, developers, and creative pros”. They also boast that big names like The New York Times, Facebook, NPR, and Amazon use their service.

Posting a job on Authentic is not free. Their process for posting a job is intuitive, with comprehensive drop-downs for many options and the opportunity (for extra cash) to feature your listing or automatically post to other job boards.

For job searchers, the interface is easy. Use the search or filter for job type, skills, location, experience level, company type, and compensation. Candidates can apply simply through Authentic or the employer’s site.

Stack Overflow

If you’re a developer, you’ve been on Stack Overflow. While you would be most familiar with their Q&A platform for solving difficult coding problems, their jobs board is chock full of new opportunities for developers.

As a WordPress developer, you have incredible granularity with which you can filter the results, from specifying technologies you use and your experience level to picking ideal perks and compensation. Further, if you sign up (or are already a member), you can create a Developer Story to put you in front of employers faster.

For employers, why not post on a site so full of experienced developers? Really a no-brainer. They make it easy to post a job or just search for an experienced developer looking for something new. Employers must access the site from, not the main site.


Larger than the other job boards in this list, SimplyHired is a great source for all types of WordPress jobs, not just developers. At the time of writing this, there are over 1,700 postings for the search “WordPress Developer”.

As with the others, you can filter by type of job (full- or part-time, contract, temporary, etc.), indicate your minimum salary, sort by date or relevance, and limit how far back the postings can be from. Further, you can specify a region by city, state, or ZIP.

For employers, you can post a job for free but its reach will be limited. You can pay to make your posting reach further with a network of over 100 job boards, including Indeed. They also have a handy salary estimator that can help you figure out the best offering for the job you are filling.

WordPress Jobs

This job board, maintained by the people at, is a no-nonsense job listing service specifically for all jobs WordPress-related. No need to create an account to apply and creating job listings is free.

Split out into neat categories, such as Design, Development, Migration, Plugin Development, etc., it is super easy for WordPress pros to find exactly the jobs for which they are qualified.

This board has no bells or whistles. WordPress does not verify listings and is not involved in the interaction. When you’ve found some great candidates, make sure you find a great way to vet their experience.

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