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Replacing an inefficient, custom platform with a scaleable Magento solution.

Transitioning to Magento

Since 1938, GlerupRevere Packaging has been a leader in specialty packaging for the confectionery and gourmet food industry. Their product line includes over 3000 items which are available to everyone from large, international companies to individual consumers.

Over the years, GlerupRevere built a custom store that relied on several manual processes and had become difficult to update to meet the evolving expectations of online shoppers. GlerupRevere came to Built Mighty looking for a solution that would save them time and money by eliminating manual steps, as well as bringing their store up to the latest customer experience standards.

GlerupRevere Packaging

Goodbye Confusion

GlerupRevere had created an intricate method for producing orders, including highly-customized orders, however, this method did not connect back to the online store. Because availability was often inaccurate, this caused frustrations for customers and fulfillment.

GlerupRevere Packaging

Hello Magento

Built Mighty created a solution that included migrating the site to the Magento platform and developing a custom workflow. This custom, automatic workflow integrated Magento with the company’s internal software, pulling key data into their website on a daily basis. The custom importer pulls in SKU, price and unit per sale, as well as generating additional data points like tiered pricing based on rules and variables set in advance.

A Modern Experience

For online shoppers, the store had become difficult to navigate as it had not been updated in several years. Our team built a responsive, branded theme and added some key features, such as a quick order form for repeat orders and a tax-exempt customer group for resellers.

Magento, in combination with our custom solution, provided a much-improved, responsive front end for customers, as well as robust flexibility on the backend. This solution eliminated hours of unnecessary work for the GlerupRevere team.

GlerupRevere Packaging

GlerupRevere Packaging

Your team is about to get a whole lot mightier.

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