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Building a custom application to transform the biological testing process.

Illuminating Testing Procedures

By providing access and accurate results

An analytical company that develops instrumentation, reagents and consumables for biological research, Fluidigm required a local design and development team with the skills to work within their entirely custom-built website and create a new application from scratch, as well as the knowledge to comprehend the complex biological process involved with their highly specialized instruments and field.


Complex Operations

During the initial discovery phase, time was allotted to analyze the microbiological applications of the CyTOF instrument. Not only would we be creating an interactive website, but a unique, advanced configuration tool where accuracy was of the highest priority.

Simplified Process

A Panel Master interface was decided upon that would allow researchers to utilize both a wheel and grid view to display tactics and findings. Our development team created the complex web application from scratch, to help researchers understand how different materials (or reagents) will interact with each other in the CyTOF®. Researchers use the Panel Designer to map out their research and make decisions on whether to purchase reagents through DVS’s website.

Supporting Efficiency

Prior to the development of the Panel Manager there was no way to manually design a panel to optimum efficiency. A lot of guesswork was involved and testing results were not precise. Now, with the assistance of this custom application, users’ experiments have the best chance of success. With the assistance of the Panel Manager, a process that once took people hours and hours to complete can now be finished in significantly less time.


Fluidigm anticipates that, with the help of the Panel Manager, they will see an increased rate of publication amongst their customers. In the end, we delivered a modern, clean and intuitive interface to help researchers quickly find the data they need and materials for purchase.

I sat down with Bryan and Jonathan, we went through it and they were able to understand the concept pretty quickly. It was harder to convey the idea or get confident that the other firms understood enough about our technology at the offset. I felt more comfortable that Built Mighty understood what the project was and what our technology needed out of the project.




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