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In this lesson, let’s look at virtual products in Magento.

Virtual Products

A virtual product is one that is not tangible. Virtual products might be services, memberships, warranties, or subscriptions.

To get started, you’ll first need to use your navigation menu and browse to Catalog, then Products.

Magento Catalog Products

Adding the Magento Virtual Product

On the Products page, click the Add Product drop-down and select Virtual Product.

Add Virtual Product


Adding a virtual product to your store is essentially the same process as a simple product – you’ll need to enter required information like a product name, SKU, and price. You can also set up additional attributes, or use a specific attribute set for your virtual products.

Virtual Products Don’t Normally Have Weight

One thing you will notice, however, is that the Weight attribute is greyed-out by default. This is because a virtual product will never have a weight value, so Magento conveniently eliminates the field.

Virtual Weight

Virtual products can also be set up with configurations, so if you have a membership package you can offer different membership levels at different prices.

Virtual Products can be Downloadable

Finally, take note of the Downloadable Information area. Not all virtual products are downloadable, but all downloadable products are virtual – if your product is downloadable, you’ll need to complete the fields in that area as well.

Magento Downloadable Information

For more information about downloadable products, make sure to check out our video specifically on that subject!

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