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In this lesson, let’s talk about group pricing in Magento.

Magento offers a variety of advanced pricing options to suit your store’s specifics needs. One such type of pricing is group pricing, where special product pricing can be offered to a specific customer group. Note that in order to take advantage of special pricing, customers need to be logged in so that they are identified as being part of a customer group.

To get started, use the navigation bar to browse to Catalog, then Products.

Magento Catalog Products


On the Products page, select a product to edit.

Magento Product Grid

On the product editing page, scroll down to the Price attribute. Below it, click on the Advanced Pricing link.

Advanced Pricing Link

The Advanced Pricing window will appear. On this screen you’ll need to enter some key information.

Customer Group Price

The first thing you’ll need to complete is the Customer Group Price. Click the Add button to create a new customer group price.

For each customer group price, you’ll need to set:

  • Website – select All Websites, or for a multi-site installation, select the website you want the customer group price to be applied to
  • Customer Group – select a customer group (these are configured under Stores -> Customer Groups)
  • Quantity – typically, this will be set to a value of 1
  • Price – use the drop-down to select a Fixed price or a Discounted price, and then either:
    • Enter a dollar amount for a fixed price, or
    • Enter a percentage for a discounted price

Once these have been set, you can click the Add button to set up additional customer group prices. If finished, click Done to save your changes.

You’ll also need to save your changes on the main product editing screen.

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