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In this lesson, let’s take a look at attribute ratings in Magento.

Basic Magento Attributes

If you’ve watched our lesson on attributes, you’ll know that they are components of a product. For example, a shirt might have attributes related to size, color, material, cut, and so forth.

What Makes Ratings Different

Attribute ratings allow your customers to leave feedback on various attributes of your product. For example, you might ask your customers to rate the quality of the materials, the value they received for their money, or how accurate the fit is.

Setting up Attribute Ratings

To set up attribute ratings, you’ll first need to use the navigation bar to browse to Stores and then Rating.

Stores / Rating


Next, you will see a list of all current ratings that are available.

Rating Attributes

Adding a New Review Rating

Each rating has an ID, a text description, a sort order, and an Active/Inactive label. You can click on existing ratings to edit them, or you can add a new rating using the Add New Rating button in the upper right corner.

Add New Rating


Let’s go ahead and click the Add New Rating button to see what kind of customizations we can make in a new rating.

Rating Information

Rating Visibility

In the New Rating window, you’ll be able to enter a Default Value and a Default Store View for your new rating. These appear in the store view for your customers.

Rating Visibility

You’ll also be able to select a visibility for your rating – by default, the rating will appear in your Default Store View for all customers.


You can set the rating to be Active by checking the box next to “Is Active”. This will make the rating visible to your customers.

Attribute Rating Sort Order

Finally, you can enter a sort order. If you set a sort order for your ratings, they will appear in order starting with 0 followed by 1, 2, 3, etc. If you leave all of your ratings with a sort order of 0, the system will follow the default sort order.



When you are finished setting up your new rating, simply click the Save Rating button!

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