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In this lesson, let’s talk about the Product in Websites feature in Magento.

Sometimes shop owners will need to run more than one website out of a single Magento installation. Magento is powerful, and it can do this! As a result, Magento shops operating under one or more websites all within one Magento installation can contain entirely unique products and even share products.

To see and manage the websites that a product is available in, use the navigation bar and browse to Catalog, then Products.

Magento Catalog Product

Select a product from the catalog.

Product Grid

Scroll down to the Product in Websites heading and expand it to reveal configuration options.

Product In Websites

In our demo installation we only have one website, but if you create multiple websites within your Magento installation then they will all be listed in this area to choose from. Simply check the box for each website that you want the product to be available within.

If you select another website for the product to be available within, you’ll also be asked to choose a Store View to copy data from.

Copy From

Once you have made your changes, click the Save button to complete the process.

When your product is available in more than one website, you’ll be able to make adjustments to each version of the product using the product Scope feature.

Change Store View

If you want to make a change to the product in your Store A, just select it from the store views drop-down. Likewise if you want to make a change to the product in your Store B – just choose it from the store view drop-down. For example, you could offer the exact same product at two different prices using this feature.

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