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Creating Magento Product Attributes

Product attributes are just that – attributes, or characteristics, of a product. They can be used to provide your customers with additional important information about your products. They can also be used to sort products into groups according to their attributes, which makes your customer’s shopping experience more user-friendly.

To get started, sign into Magento and use the navigation menu to browse to the product catalog.

Magento Product Catalog


Select a product to edit. In the editing screen, you’ll need to select the Product Details tab.

Product Settings

Attributes Drop-Down

Product attributes can be accessed, edited, or added through the attributes drop-down:

Adding Magento Attributes

If your product already has attributes, you can see them and edit them. You can also search through attributes using the search field, or you can click the New Attribute button to create a new attribute.

Once added, product attributes appear on the Product Details screen, like this Multi Select Attribute called Features.

Multiple Select Attributes


In this example, the product has the following features: waterproof and TSA-approved. Let’s say we wanted to add several additional attributes to the “features” – all you’d need to do is select the desired attributes and save changes.


Showing up on the Front End

When saved, these new attributes will appear in the customer’s product view:

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