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How Seymour Duncan Improved User Experience with Built Mighty

Built Mighty has improved our main mode of doing business with our customers

–– Monique Hernandez, Associate Director of Digital & Content Marketing ,

About Seymour Duncan

Since 1976, Seymour Duncan has been the leading manufacturer of guitar pickups and effect pedals. Their Santa Barbara headquarters has supplied many of the great bands and musicians like Jimi Hendrix, Guns and Roses, and Pink Floyd.

The Challenge


Seymour Duncan had been one of major players in the guitar pickup space for years. But when new companies started to attract much of the younger market share, the Seymour Duncan team knew it was time to bring their dated website into the 21st century.

So they hired a web company to spearhead a major redesign and build. And while the new site looked great, the infrastructure was another story. The load time was slow. Bots were inflating the traffic. Regular updates weren’t happening. And making changes wasn’t easy.

Lacking confidence in their current company’s technical ability, Seymour Duncan went looking for a team with more expertise.

That’s when they found Built Mighty.

Trying to keep up with our competitors was one of our main goals. To do that, we needed more dedicated support.

The Solution


Using what they discovered, they stabilized the site and purged a large number of unused plugins to improve the speed and make updates possible. 

From there, Built Mighty got to work on Seymour Duncan’s growing wishlist: 

  • Created cart and post-sale upsells to encourage more purchases 
  • Added Apple Pay and Google Pay to make checkout easier 
  • Made graphic design updates to improve the look and feel 
  • Created a site map to improve user experience and SEO initiatives
  • Installed Cloudflare protection to manage malicious bots 
  • Set up regular backups and security updates to protect against vulnerabilities

With bi-weekly calls and an available development team, Seymour Duncan is able to regularly attend to all new requests and keep their site operating at peak performance.

Built Mighty helps us talk through a lot of ideas we have.

They’re actively engaged in the project, and it doesn’t just feel like a contractor. They’re very attentive.

The Results


Since working with Built Mighty, the team has said that runs faster. The traffic numbers are more accurate. And sales of one popular product rose 221% since being implemented as an upsell.

Most importantly, the Seymour Duncan team feels more empowered to make necessary changes to the site, so they can continue to drive business forward.

Everything is more streamlined.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback internally about how much easier it is to make updates on the website. We’re able to create actionable change in real time.

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